Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Two Recent Headlines

Administration aides reel after Trump's nonsensical 24 hours: 'He just seemed to go crazy today' according to The Week magazine.

Psychiatry experts claim that Trump is unfit for presidency due to ‘dangerous mental illness’ according to The Blaze.

My Headline: New Prez folds like a cheap suit.

On one recent day, when a journalist inquired about his, now insider, perspective on the position of POTUS, this poor pathetic fellow had the temerity to respond, "I thought it would be easier". To be clear he was referring to the Presidency of The United States of America or, as the position is otherwise known, The Leader of the Free World. This is the sort of thing that bears unpacking. One wonders what sort of arrogant dim-bulb expected to embark upon one of the most difficult and complex jobs on the planet without training, experience, or topical knowledge. In the vernacular, he was going to "wing it". Long story short, the new POTUS, operating under his own delusional reality, happened upon the idea of employing his freakishly outsized ego to, in effect, bitch-slap into submission, the most intricate, inextricably interwoven, decades old, global problems with a few executive orders.

This is only one of the reasons many thoughtful observers took seriously the claims made by a number of Psychiatric experts recently. They publicly claimed, This man is unfit for the presidency due to "dangerous mental illness".

And now, just for grins and giggles- a thought experiment. If one leaves a toddler alone with nothing but a big glass of milk and a bag of cookies as he sits at the control panel of a nuclear power plant, chockablock with brightly colored knobs, buttons and levers, how long before something really bad happens? The answer is, while we are quite certain we don't know, we are equally certain it won't end well.

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