Sunday, September 13, 2015

Micro Aggression

micro aggression:

File this under the category “Why is basic science education so important?” Obviously it is advantageous to have less destructive aggression in the world. However, I can not even see how anything destructive has occurred. I am willing to concede that someone may have been offended and that person has a right to those feelings. I don’t see us getting very far if the best case one can make is, everyone needs to adopt a certain vocabulary that prevents me from feeling offended. How long would it be before the next person or group with hurt feelings decided that, we all needed to trim our (already shortened) word and phrase list? It is difficult not to be condescending when responding to this type of thing. How did we arrive at a situation in which people think that if they feel offended, those feelings are of ultimate importance in the wider world outside their own heads? Except for the fact that these folks appear not to understand the system in which they find themselves, I can not see where anyone has made a convincing case for anything that demands our attention. It does cause one to wonder if these folks realize that we share upwards of 95% of our genetic makeup with Chimpanzees. How can one know this fact and somehow expect a creature that acts in an entirely different way? It seems to me this is where end up if we begin asking questions from a mental framework of, “we are imperfect but we are essentially spiritual beings on our path to perfection”. Do I really need to add that this point of view is not supported by evidence? Any evidence. At all.