Saturday, September 3, 2016

Labor Day, Laboriously Considered

Labor Day

Have I misunderstood something or have I got this right.

Starting at about forever ago, people with more power and resources took advantage of,or outright enslaved, people who had less. This continued, largely unabated until, the people with nothing were at the end of their rope. Finding themselves in a democratic republic, they decided to stand up for themselves against robber barons who saw them as nothing more than expendable instruments for creating and hoarding wealth. The little people were suffered greatly but were brave and resolute. They finally won the right to unionize and bargain with employers.

Fast forward a few decades.

The robber barons had not disappeared, they had simply gone underground, biding their time like hunted vampires. Slowly they morphed into giant faceless corporations. Now, insulated from the rabble with the pitchforks, they set about doing what they do. They found ways to increase their rights and weaken the rights of average citizens. Now, when challenged, they no longer need to send in goons to crack heads. They simply pack up the "means of production" and ship them elsewhere to take advantage of people who have fewer options and were unfortunate enough to be born in a place where they enjoy fewer rights. And, like manna from heaven, the wealthy few found ways to make unlikely allies among those they exploit, by appealing to their fears and prejudices and constantly suggesting that God is on their side.

Oh, yeah, Happy Labor Day.

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