Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More On Target

With respect to those who say that Target had been 'reaching out to gays' or pro-gay right up until now.

That is an interesting point of view.

For the sake of argument, let's assume your original assertion is true (reaching out to gays). I would offer another view of those actions that people perceive as being at odds. Each action is consistent with the others. The discrepancy comes into play when an observer conflates the motivations of corporations with those of individuals. While you or I may make a personal policy (standing up for justice, donating to causes, etc.) based on 'caring', corporations are motivated by profit/greed/bottom line. This is not intended as an indictment. Their stockholders expect nothing less.

My analogy: In the same way that humans often misinterpret the motivations of cute cuddly mammals, we have the same tendency regarding corporations and other institutions. I own a dog and I love the dog. I treat it as though it loved me. I do this because I am a human and don't really know what else I would do. However, I do not imagine for a moment that this creature is anything else but a domesticated predator. Knowing that does not diminish my feelings for the dog. I respect that she is what she is and is smart enough to get along in my world. I dare say if the situation was reversed, I'd be at pains to get along as well in her world.

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